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15 Jul

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Insurance Mailing Lists – How To Keep Your Data Fresh? No Comments

Insurance Mailing Lists – How To Keep Your Data Fresh?

Do you have an Insurance Mailing List database? If yes, then how long it has been since you have updated? If you can’t remember, then probably you might be using dirty data for your marketing campaigns.

What is dirty data and how is it affecting the organization?

Database that contains duplicate content or incomplete data is considered to be as dirty data. To be precise, database that contains errors.  According to the survey, bulk mailing lists database degrades by 22% every year.  It not only ruins marketing campaigns but also completely ruins online reputation. Sometimes, they are the major cause for blacklisting from marketing list providers. The main goal of every business is to increase the leads and thereby, keeping the revenue moving up. So, in order to increase the sales, you need to be extremely careful with your mailing lists database.

Here are few tips for keeping your data fresh and hygiene.

The best ways for keeping your data fresh-

  1. Check your Database Periodically

This is the first and the most important step towards keeping insurance mailing lists fresh. Perform simple check up every day to correct simple errors like misspellings and bugs. This not only helps to remove the bugs but also helps to identify invalid accounts. Thus, helps to save your precious time by not sending emails to invalid accounts.

Insurance Mailing Lists - How To Keep Your Data Fresh

The best ways for keeping your data fresh

  1. Remove Subscribers Not Relevant to your Business

Sometimes, it so happens that some people suddenly reads your blog or an article and just subscribes to your list. But, those people might not be relevant to your business. So, first try to identify those types of subscribers.

How to identify the subscribers who are not relevant to your business?

Here’s one technique that you can follow, identify the subscribers who haven’t opened or even clicked your mails at least once in six months.

Inactive subscribers cost you money as well as your valuable time. Moreover, they are not the people to whom you can rely to increase your sales. So, if you find anyone like this, don’t show any mercy, just remove them.

  1. Manage Bounce Rate

This is the most critical step in list management. There are two types of bounces-

  • Soft bounce – This is a temporary deliverability problem. For example, there is some issue with server or might be because of full inbox.  It’s okay if you resend emails to these types of subscribers. There can be chances that they might see it at least in the second or the third attempt.
  • Hard bounce – This is a permanent deliverability problem. For example, invalid email address or non existing domain name. So, its waste if you send emails to these types of subscribers. Identify and remove them from your list.

Internet service providers periodically track each and every mail you send to the recipients. They calculate the number of bounces for determining online reputation. If you have too many bounces, there may be high chances for blocking you completely from sending messages. So, if you want to increase your ROI, then try to have less percentage of bounce rates.

  1. Establish Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the key to success for any business. In fact, it is the star of email marketing. If you have an amazing content, then there are more chances to drive a lot of people for your campaign.  Give a way for your insurance leads to sign up the form. This can help you to easily convert those subscribers into potential ones. Remember to update your content very often to ensure that you are in compliance with keeping your data fresh. So, plan yourself accordingly and enhance your user experience.

  1. Cleanse your Data Regularly

If you have bulk insurance mailing lists, then data cleansing is the most important thing that you should remember.  Data cleansing plays an essential role in email marketing.  In order to keep your data hygienic, merge sessions and also perform scrubbing, archiving and other related operations. With this, a detailed and completed record can be obtained. Hence, merging duplicates, cleansing old data and verifying information regularly can help you to keep your data fresh.



Only a quality and fresh data can enable you to penetrate in to your targeted base. So, experience the best services from Global Email Lists in order to increase your sales.

For further queries, call us at 855-205-1777 or email us at info@globalemaillists.com

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