Data Cleansing

Global E-mail Lists' Data Cleansing services can enhance Customer Data Quality. The origin of a database is from a different source hence this goes outdated frequently. Data cleansing is the process of analyzing the quality of data in a data source, manually approving/rejecting the suggestions by the system, and thereby making changes to the data. Global E-mail Lists' Customer Data Quality management is an integrated solution that enables organizations to manage all facets of data cleansing and Data Services management from a single unified console.

Benefits of our Data Cleansing process:

  • The amount of mail that may be undeliverable, returned or delayed is reduced
  • High-quality, audit able data
  • Reduce uncertainty with our quality data management services
  • Improved analysis results
  • Time savings of 50%–75% for analysts

  • Holding a clean Email Marketing Database always gives confidence to reach prospects without any second thought. Thus your successful campaign is possible through a tidy database.

Data Cleansing

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